Managing Holiday Stress

We always start things with good intentions. We come out of lockdown with an idea we will take it slow. Suddenly life starts to take speed and we are moving faster than we planned and are finding ourselves back in the state of stress we were determined to avoid. You're human. Life IS fast paced. And we are sitting in uncertainty, especially with the fast removal of COVID restrictions. SO, how do we manage stress? Did you know (and if you've been doing my yoga classes long enough - the answer is yes!) our stress is a patterned in the body? Our nervous system works on repetition. That's why we can get stuck. The GOOD news is that we can UN-stick it. Here's how:

  1. Yoga. Learning how to connect breath with movement is one of the most potent tools for calming your nervous system.

  2. Get outside. Fresh air is soothing and can help ground you.

  3. Drink water. When we're busy we forgot and the first response is often an avoidable headache.

  4. Add some vegetables into your day.

  5. Take a magnesium bath. It is a natural muscle relaxer. I only use magnesium sourced from The Tibetan Plateau (strongest on the planet) and it is powerful for releasing stress. Let me know if you need some and I'll hook you up. Amazing if you suffer from anxiety, and gives the best sleep after.

  6. Carve out sometime for something you enjoy. Reading, cooking, walking, time with friends.... you name it. Make it a priority. The other stuff can wait an hour.

  7. Remember what is in your control. The majority of stuff we stress over is completely outside of our control. It does nothing but give you wrinkles. Let go of anything that is not yours to carry.

I love doing life and yoga with you and can't wait to see you on the mat so we can get through the rest of 2021 with grace.

In Gratitude,


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