Want to create a Happy Healthy Workforce?

Yoga is a great way to teach employees how to deal with stress and to create harmony in the office. Yoga teaches you how to focus the mind for better efficiency as well as easing and managing common injuries (backs, shoulders, etc). 

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Casual : Adult $22     

10 Class Pass: $190             (valid for 3 months)

20 Class Pass: $370             (valid for 6 months)

Private Lesson: $100/hr OR $270 for 3 (One on One, Hypnosis, Family Yoga)        


Teen Yoga 

One on One Sessions:

Vinyasa Flow

Suitable for beginners. This class is designed to open the energy pathways of the body through breath focus. We end with a yoga nidra (deep meditation).

Bend It Like Buddha Membership

Yoga for teens is an amazing way to stay grounded. With all of the busy demands of life, in yoga we learn to take a deep breath and slow down. Tools to manage stress, sleep better and strength meridian lines that support health, digestion and overall function of growing bodies. 

Run once a month on a Saturday. 



Contact Laurin to book.  

An amazing meditation session run virtually on Wednesday evenings for 30 mins. These sessions are run by Kate, who is a trained facilitator in Mindfulness Meditation. 

Learn simple techniques to settle the monkey mind and sleep better. 



$10 per household. 

Run in 5 week blocks. 

Contact Laurin to book.  

Private family yoga sessions are  designed to reconnect kids/parents and have some fun while doing it. We focus on themes, such a gratitude, and learn easy techniques to deal with stress. 

Openings on Saturdays by appointment. 

A moving meditation that develops strength of the body and the inner mind. Move through the asanas (postures) in sync with your breath and learn how to train body and mind.

Mindfulness Meditation 

Family Yoga

This class is a fusion between Vinyasa Flow and Hatha. A dynamic class designed to get your blood moving, rinse out tension and bring you back to feeling grounded and calm.


A one hour private yoga session to either develop a personalised home yoga practice or gain the benefit of a guided private lesson. 


A one hour hypnotherapy session designed to create a sate of deep relaxation in order to treat issues arising from psychological or emotional origins. 



YOGA for Everyone