Creating A Yoga Space At Home

If you're like me, we are now established in our virtual reality and homeschooling is part of life, SO keeping up our yoga practice is crucial for our sanity. Why not create a nice space to practice in? Below are a few tips...and photos of my many spaces.

Below are a few a tips to make your yoga space a sanctuary:

1. Room to Move.

Make sure you have a clean space to move around. Save yourself the interruptions of having to move your mat around during your practice.

2. Door to Close.

Set some boundaries. Be okay to take one hour to yourself and close the door. Everyone knows how they feel after a yoga class. In lockdown the whole family benefits from your after-yoga zen. Pets are welcome :)

House plants

3. Add Plants.

If you have any plants around the house, add them to your space.

Benefits include:

  1. Boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity.

  2. Reduce your stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds.

  3. Help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity & producing oxygen.

  4. Add life to a sterile space, give privacy and reduce noise levels.

4. Add Candles or Incense.

Candles are a great way to add zen. Fire burns away what we don't need. Incense cleans out negativity and heavy energy. Adding them to your space can help you drop into that relaxed state even quicker.

4. Add Props.

Have a blanket handy. Especially for hatha classes. You can use it to support your knees or for warmth at the end of class. Have it live with your mat to save you running around to find one at the end. Feel free to stock up as well with:

  • Strap

  • Blocks

  • Bolster

Let me know if you need anything and I'm happy to help set you up.

Remember that you don't need all of these things to make your space yoga- ready. Work with what you have and use the tips that suit. Here is a photo of my "planning space" in my bedroom. We have mats everywhere! If I was to make this my practice space I would definitely bring in a plant and candle.
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