Are You A Morning Person?

How do you start your day? At the moment we have plenty of excuses to start our day on the wrong foot. We also have plenty of reasons to start on the right foot too.

If you're like me, this new lockdown extension made me sad. It took time to process my grief and I withdrew into my self for a day. On the other side of that day, my energy came back. How often do we push through? Only to find our stress has increased.

Our day starts as a blank slate, and then we choose from the beginning of it what it will look like. A friend has started doing her morning runs first thing so that she 'starts each day better'. It's not selfish to put the time aside for yourself. And I'm pretty sure your work colleges and family will appreciate your clear-headed, calm self.

So, I've added another 6am class to the timetable. I love starting my day with you.

We're in this together. Can't wait to see you on the mat.


Laurin x

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