How To Work With Incense

Incense is an amazing tool for clearing energy and space. You've probably noticed that I'm a big fan, but what you don't know is how I use it outside of the studio. Let me share my secrets.


Smudging is an ancient ceremonial practice. It is used with the purpose of reinstating harmony. It clears negativity and attracts high vibrational energies (prana).

The smudging practice is basically burning sacred plants to allow the smoke to clear and bless the space. This sacred smudge is considered a magnet for high frequency energy. In the presence of this energy, low frequency energies can not exist.

This practice can be used before meditation and also as a daily practice for clearing yourself and others as well as the cleansing of your home, car, and other spaces.

At the moment, I smudge myself after coming home from the shops or between activities. Great reminder to let go and focus on what's currently in front of you.

There are lots of different types of plants you can use in smudging but my three favorites are Sage, Palo Santo (Sacred Wood) and Incense.

Make sure you smudge yourself first and then extend it to your sacred space, home, etc. The kids and I often smudge the house and tell it what we want it to let go of/bring back in. If the kids are sick, they get smudged. If Scott is stressed, he gets smudged. I use it to clear the yoga room before each practice. I pray as I smudge, always.

Such a simple, yet powerful tool bring harmony our environment.

Happy Smudging!

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