Mindfulness Activities for School Holidays

School Holidays during lockdown may have your kids and teens in a state of worry. The going script from the teens I work with is "we can't do what we used to!" This is where my teacher hat comes on, and I remind them that there is still so much that you CAN do. Yoga, like all things, is a discipline. Remembering what is can be done vs what can't is an ongoing practice of refining our minds. Creating an environment of problem solving and acceptance.

So, here are some mindfulness activities to try these school holidays:

  1. Learn to cook something new.

  2. Turn your bathroom into a spa. Nice face mask, essential oils, candles, you get my drift.

  3. Play board games.

  4. Do a puzzle.

  5. Learn something new. Photography, research a holiday destination (feeding hope), learn a new language, etc.

  6. Read.

  7. Organise your room. Or a room in your house.

  8. Walk with a friend.

  9. Start a garden.

  10. Do yoga.

  11. Upcycle your furniture. Paint an old piece of furniture to spruce it up.

  12. Journal.

  13. Make a gift for someone who needs a pick me up.

No. 13 is my favorite. A reminder that we are ALL in this together. A simple act of kindness goes a LONG way at the moment. Here is a great clip of kids in India talking about lockdown. (It only goes for 1 min). Great reminder that we are in this together. Spread the love and be the change!

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