Stressed With the Lockdown Lift?

How are you feeling with the lift of lockdown? We are creatures of habit and while we may have been counting down for this, it doesn't mean that stress isn't still involved. Shifting into the unknown can be scary. Stepping out of your house after being in it for 3 months can be scary. You're not alone. Change can be daunting and the best medicine is kindness. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your fears and take one day at a time. When we worry, we are normally not sitting in the moment that we're living. We are normally thinking about past or future. Give your mind a break. Just do today. When tomorrow comes, you can do that day then. As most of you that have known me for a while, you'll know that yoga has been my medicine for 2 decades. I feel safe on my mat. I feel like whatever I have brought (aches, pains, busy mind, etc) is all okay when I step on my mat. It is a place of acceptance. A chance, in an ego-driven world, to practice genuine self love. I hope that your mat gives you the same respite. My mat looks forward to seeing you and your mat (whether virtually or in person) soon.

Lots of Love,


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