Why Yoga Helps Immunity

Yoga is a powerful tool to aide the immune system. It does this on many levels. You may like to imagine that your body carries a rubbish removal system. This is called your lymphatic system and it doesn't have a pump of it's own. When we move our bodies we switch on the pump to collect and remove rubbish. In yoga we can target large houses where this system sits. Mainly we look at your arm pits, side bodies and inner thigh areas. You may also have delved into the neck once or twice to also feed this system. When it's juiced up it is a powerful tool for keeping us healthy. The other amazing impact it has is that these practices are super calming. We all know that chronic stress can have an impact on our immune system. There are MANY tools to manage stress in yoga, but switching on your lymphatic pump is like stepping into a warm bath. Join me in class and see for yourself! Better yet, take a look at the video library and enjoy an immune system class in your own time.

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